• Ahmadabad Katauli, Malihabaad, Lucknow, UP, India (227111)
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Dept of Primary and Secondary Education

Jamia has a complete system of primary and secondary education from nursery level to high school level and a big particular building to meet its needs. It is known to everyone that the primary and secondary education is the base for graduation and specialization, therefore, the dept. particularly managed to teach students necessary modern subjects with religious subjects so that they would not face any problem in any society and wouldn’t be considered uneducated. There are eighteen teachers in the dept. who have devoted themselves wholeheartedly in the preparation of new generation.

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    amia has been named after that Islamic hero to revive his reformation and revival movement. it is hoped that the Jamia would meet a great need of Muslims and bring sweet fruits in the days to come. It is hoped that Muslims would appreciate the Jamia and support it with every possible means. (Abul Hasan Ali Al-Hasani Al-Nadwi)


    Ahmadabad, Katauli, Malihabad, Lucknow, U.P., India (227111)