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Depart of Makatib

Jamia Syed Ahmad Shaheed is situated in a village namely Ahmadabad 32 km away in the west from Lucknow city. In this part around the Jamia, many backward, ignorant and small villages located that don’t have any Madrasa or Maktab to fulfill the need of religious education.

To see the rights of neighbours, the Jamia felt its responsibility to provide them the system of religious education. The Jamia, therefore, has setup a particular dept in 2006 and started the Makatib. Now, Alhamdu lillah, the number of Makatib has reached up to fifty that are fulfilling the need of these villages.

Centre of National Institute of Open Schooling

National Institute of Open Schooling is a government Institute to empower and spread school education on India level. It provides correspondence courses for irregular students or the students of Madrasa to continue school education with other activities.

Jamia Syed Ahmad has its own primary and secondary system that consists of religious as well as secular education. But the Jamia has got the centre of the institute to benefit the students more and more to provide them a vast field to continue their education according to their wishes.

Cultural Activities of the Jamia

Cultural activities consist of different associations that provide students good chances of practicing oratory and writing in Arabic, Urdu and English language.

1. Arabic Association:
It is an Arabic association of the students that holds Arabic speaking and writing weekly and monthly programmes to enable the students to speak and write the Arabic Language fluently.

2. Urdu Association:
From the stage of this association the students practice otatory in Urdu language, so that they could represent Islam orally as they represent it writtenly.

3. English Association:
This Association has been named after the name of Maulana Muhammad Ali Jouhar who was great English speaker and writer. The students practice to speak and write in English to enable themselves to express their ideas in this language also.

4. Small Children Association:
It’s a stage for small children of primary sections; from this stage they try to learn the art of oratory. This stage provides a good base to the children to become a good orator in future.

5. Association of The Holy Qur’an:
It is a stage of the students who learn and memories’ the Holy Qur’an to practice reciting it with the art of articulation. The association holds weekly and monthly programmes alongwith yearly and half yearly contests.


It is Islam that pays attention to the health of man alongwith belief and religious life. Good health requires pure, natural, neat and clean environments. Playing and taking part in sports also plays a good role to maintain a good health. The Jamia, therefore, paid particular attention to the sports and has a big ground for this purpose. The students exercise physically for half an hour everyday after fajr slat and play football, hockey and other games after asr slat

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    amia has been named after that Islamic hero to revive his reformation and revival movement. it is hoped that the Jamia would meet a great need of Muslims and bring sweet fruits in the days to come. It is hoped that Muslims would appreciate the Jamia and support it with every possible means. (Abul Hasan Ali Al-Hasani Al-Nadwi)


    Ahmadabad, Katauli, Malihabad, Lucknow, U.P., India (227111)